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HEX Big Payday

HEX big payday is coming closer!

The big payday is a term used for the 353 day after the HEX contract started in December 2019. It marks the end of the 50 week launch phase and is also the day that the Adoption Amplifier closes, and the possibility to transform ETH to HEX stops. However, this is also the start of  HEX as a fully launched token on the Ethereum blockchain!


In order to take part of the HEX distribution on the big payday you need to have at least one active stake. And the amount of HEX you get on big payday is based on how long your stake is and how much HEX you have staked. You'll get the largest share of it you could by staking early, long and large. When you playing around on the staking module on HEX official website you can see an estimation on how much HEX it could generate on the big payday. However, this changes as the share rate changes and is depending on how much HEX is claimed with Bitcoin/BTC.


A lot of people believe that big profits can be make by staking over the 353 day-mark of the HEX launch and collect the distributed HEX. One reason for that is that HEX tokens that aren’t claimed by Bitcoin holders, are paid out to the stakers. Many Bitcoin holders have claimed of course but far from everyone so there is still possible to take part in the big payday and maybe make a couple of HEX.


Many HEX users have active stakes that go on for upwards to 15 years, it can seem like a long time but keep in mind that the share rate for a longer stake is significantly higher than if you stake for just a short period. Furthermore it’s popular to have many stakes, some as long as 15 years, some ending right after big payday and some in between. If you decide to take part of the HEX project be sure to have an active strategy in mind and keep to it. You do not want to have unstake early and potentially loose future earning or even worse, your principal.


If you are new to HEX you should definitely check out our how-to guide, read up on the project or simply visit the official website to learn more!

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Check out our guide on how to buy HEX and you could be set up in minutes! You'll find everything you need to know and and at the top you will find it summarized step-by-step.

"It’s the world’s first blockchain CD that attacks the largest market in the banking ecosystem outside of savings accounts”
-Richard Heart, inventor of HEX

During the 350 days of the launch period, there is a possibility for bitcoin holders to get free HEX, simply by having BTC in their wallets. Our link gives you 10 % extra when claiming!

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