About HEXfordummies.com

This site has the following goals:


1. Getting people introduced to the HEX project

2. Explain HEX, Ethereum, and blockchain on a basic level that is easy to understand.

3. Presenting HEX and showing how you could be a part of the movement.

4. Another incentive for us to put this site up here is to spread the referral link. We would be happy if you use it because it benefits all parties. You get 10% free HEX when transforming your HEX from ETH, and we get a percentage for referring you.


But, just to be really clear: This website does not intend to give financial advice of any kind, and we are not educated in finances or economy. You should always do your own research before investing in anything, and never spend more money than you can afford to lose.


Image by William Iven

Check out our guide on how to buy HEX and you could be set up in minutes! You'll find everything you need to know and and at the top you will find it summarized step-by-step.

"It’s the world’s first blockchain CD that attacks the largest market in the banking ecosystem outside of savings accounts”
-Richard Heart, inventor of HEX

During the 350 days of the launch period, there is a possibility for bitcoin holders to get free HEX, simply by having BTC in their wallets. Our link gives you 10 % extra when claiming!

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